After the Rupture fear struck at the hearts of the people. Most of Noble Blood had perished in the cataclysmic events. Those that remained were met with anger, fear and agression. As their government lay in ruins, small village councils and roaming bands of nomadic people, who lost their homes in the Rupture, made due. The Rupture had somehow caused a great increase in activities from dark races, such as Gnolls, Dark Elves and Malarr.

Harsh live demanded harsh judgement. They naturally turned against the source of their troubles: the Noble Blooded. The need of retribution and the need for a centralized leadership simply grew into one organization of power: The Inquisition. Using the modern tongue, the inquisituion banned the use of Blood power, the old Language and hunted down all of Noble Blood it could find.

After the Rupture it has been estimated that nearly 100,000 Noble Blooded remained. After the Inquisition their number never reached a 1,000 again. Those that where caught by the Inquisition recieved gruesome punishments at their hands followed by death. Some Inguisitors went beyond and enslaved the Noble Blooded for themselves. Trying to use their power for their own good. Some even went against the rules of their own Inquistion and took the Blood power within themselves, by force.

Forged in anger, it was but a matter of time before the Inquistion would destroy itself. And after nearly 20 years of its reign, internal struggles as well as rebellion by but a few Noble Blooded, the Blood War started.


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